Tuesday, 20 January 2015

You Hoomans Wot Dus Steal Pets

You hoomans wot dus steal pets
Is monsters throo and throo!
But one fing you can always bets
Is sum day we'll find you!

We dus choose our peeple so
Wiv dem we dus belong
And dis is sumfing dat you know
Yet still you dus do rong!

Wot evil dus possess your mind
Wen you do dis monstrous act?
Surpassing all dat is unkind,
You is horrid and dats a fact!

You hoomans wot dus steal pets
And takes dem far away,
Ders one fing you can always bets,
Every dog will have its day!

Yes we will you horrid hoomans wot steal pets!

Wotever shadows shield your hart
Darkening your forts,
However long we is apart,
One day you'll all be cort! 

Hoomans wot dus steal pets is disgusting!