Tuesday, 20 January 2015

St. Francis Did Turn To De Lord

St Francis did turn to de Lord
And fanked him such a lot
For all de dogs wud be adored
But ders one we havent got!

De Lord did say you gots all breeds
Wot more is der to do?
Surely dis is all you needs,
Dey all dus loving too?

St. Francis carried on dis tork
And de Lord did lend his ear!
For miles and miles dey bofe did walk,
And den it did appear!

In His mind de Lord did see
Just wot de world dus need,
Sumfing dat forever wud be
De bestest of de bestest breed!

So de Lord did set abowt dis task,
Feeling all de merrier.
And wen St. Francis stopped to ask,
He handed him a Border Terrier!

And dus de bestest breed wos borned! 

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