Friday, 20 February 2015

Wen Cats Dus Say Gud Morning

Wen cats dus say gud morning
You need to check de time,
Dis I do be warning
Cos cats dus do de crime!

Wen cats dus do sum purrs
You needs to be so wary,
Hold tightly to your furs,
Cos cats is very scary!

Wen cats dus do a stare,
You need to turn away,
You gots to be aware
Dat you is der next prey!

Wen cats dus do der clores,
I suggest dat you dus run,
Cos until dey have clored yours,
Der prooning issent dun! 

Wen cats dus do big blinks,
Still you must take care,
Cats also dus do hoodwinks 
And cats dus not play fair!

Wen cats is fast asleep,
Den you can relax,
But one eye you must keep
On all dem norty cats! 

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