Sunday, 22 February 2015

I Can't Go Shopping Wiv My Mum

I can't go shopping wiv my mum
Cos peeple is unfair,
She dus never lets me come
Cos de signs is everywhere!
Ritten dey is big and bold
Likes a funder clowd 
And everywhere we go wees told,

I can't go wanders round de town,
Yet peeple sneeze and coff,
And it dussent evens cause a frown
Toddlers wiv dirty nappies hanging off!
But de signs appear just everywhere,
Likes a funder clowd,
I finks dat dis is so unfair;

But wen I finks about de town,
Rubbish and glass on de floors
And horrid hoomans spit on de ground,
I dussent wants dis near my paws!
I luks at de signs ritten up there
And I luks at dem dirty crowds,
And now I really dussent care,
In fact, I'm glad no dogs is allowed! 

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