Tuesday, 10 March 2015

I Am A Pedigree Terrier

I am a pedigree terrier,
Pure bred and reared,
My breeders were responsible 
And very much revered.
My mummy dog was bootiful 
My daddy dog was smart,
So why carnt all de breeders
Breed love in their own harts?

De fallout from de Crufts Show
Is making me so sad,
Poisoned dogs and beaten dogs,
Hoomans is so bad!
It's becoming like a circus
Just for peeples gain,
A cover up for cruelty,
An arena show of pain!

How many years of torture 
Will de kennel club condone,
Till dey banish norty breeders
And send bad handlers home?
A Championship Certificate,
De Best in Show award,
These prizes dus mean nuffing
Unless de dog is trooly adored! 

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