Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Dear Mrs Sturgeon

Dear Mrs Sturgeon,
Wud yoo be so kind,
And finks abowt dem foxes
Wivs your clever mind?
Yoo is a Scottish lady,
And all Border Terriers too
Dus share yore heritage maybe,
But we is lucking ups to yoo!

Down here below de borders
Sum wants to hunt again,
We finks dis is out of order
So please vote, do not refrain!
Mrs Sturgeon wiv paws crossed
We is having fafe in yoo,
And lives shud not be lost
By wot dem horrid hunters do!

So dear Mrs Sturgeon,
Our kilts we'll prowdly wear,
If yoo dus goes to Westminster
And shows dem dat yoo care.

Hunting foxes is not nice Mrs Sturgeon.

Lots of Love,

Bert xxxxx

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