Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sonnet Number 1 (Fridge Raiding)

How I dus loves time wiv my girl alone,
We dus haves so much fun wen mum's not here,
And I can cast aside dat boring bone,
As I bound to de kitchen wiv no fear!
Wen she opens de fridge I wags my tail
At de site of scotch eggs and cheese and fings,
Putting up my paw it never dus fail,
And my girl dus knows wot joys dis dus bring!
She dus gives me sum sossidge and sum cheese,
And dare are lots of other nommy treats,
And my girl dus never makes me say please,
As we dus munch on all de fruit and meats!
But wen we dus hear mums key in de door,
We says we not eaten, so we gets more! 

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