Saturday, 20 June 2015

Sonnet Number 2 (Sitting on de Porch)

We dus all takes our guidance from Marley,
And our direkshuns from Sir Clapton too,
And although we dus never gets snarly,
If yoo dus upsets us we will gets yoo!
Wen we is togevver we dus stay strong,
And togevver we will always be stood,
Cos de BT Posse is never rong,
We is de best bruvva and sisterhud.
For us der is a very speshul place
Where Marley and Clapton tell us to go,
And at der command we dus all make haste
If a fur is in need wot we dus know.
And come rain or shine wiv love as a torch
Yoo will find us sitting on our pals porch! 

(Dis is for all Border Terriers and furpals but was ritten wiv Rohan in my hart cos he was hurted today by a big mean nasty dog and we is all sad bowt dat and hopes his wounds heal very very soon like now really).

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