Saturday, 20 June 2015

I'm A Brave Little Border Terrier

I'm a brave little Border Terrier,
I've killed socks, sqweeks and shoes,
I've chased off sqwizzels and wabbitz
And everyfing else dat moves! 
I've barked away dem monsters
Dat sumtimes comes at nite,
Protecting my hooman lady
Before we snuggle up tite!

Wen dragons dus hide in de bushes,
I pownce wiv my four paws,
I never dus takes non nonsense
Cos dat is de Terrier law!
But ders two fings dat dus scare me
And dey is de scariest fings;
Big buzzy flies and wasps,
Dat dus want to do big stings!

Dem wasps dus hold me hostidge,
Wen I tries to run away,
Dey dus do der chasing me,
And corse a big affray!
But brave boy I dus be,
I run to my hoomans aid,
And cuddles up on her knee,
Cos she is also afraid!

(I dussent likes big buzzy flies and wasps! Dey is very horrible and scary)

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