Thursday, 5 November 2015

I Asked My Norty Littel Cat Oh Why Is Yoo So Bad!

I asked my norty littel cat
"Oh why is yoo so bad"
And he replied "Do not say that,
Yoo don't know the life I've had."
He sed that lonely on the streets
His peepel left him there,
And he did learn abowt mistreats
And how hoomans dussent care!

He sed that he did cry each nite,
Frytened, hungry and cold,
And finking that this rong was rite
Cos he was never told!
But wen a smiley kind man came,
Enticing him wiv food,
He fort it mite just be a game
But to refuse it wud be rood.

He sed that moment it did start,
Wiv that kind mans gentel touch,
His firstest purr came from his hart
And he liked it very much.
And then to me that man did come
Snuggling my norty cat,
Then he gave him to my mum,
And thats the end of dat!

But again I asked my norty cat 
"Why is yoo norty and bad?".
"By now yoo shud be over that,
Given the life you've had?".
He stared a stare and did reply;
"Sum fings I dus regret",
And wiv a littel tear in his eye,
He sed, "I'll be gud wen I dus forget".

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