Saturday, 21 May 2016

Forgive Me?

Forgive me when I scratch and bite,
Lashing out at you and crying all night,
My vocalisations doing nought but swear.
It's simply because you were not there!
Forgive me?

Forgive me when I wander alone
And for hours and hours I don't come home.
I care nothing for your solace or peace,
I need my freedom, my soul released. 
Forgive me?

Forgive me when I sit and stare
And claw your heart without a care,
Then kneeding you upon your knee,
Needing to know you are there just for me.
Forgive me?

Forgive me when I forget to trust
Yet knowing you now I know that I must.
But memories haunting and hauntings go on,
I'm haunted by those who did me wrong.
Forgive them?

Forgive me when I scatter my tray,
Adding to your chores and jobs for the day.
Begging for food, habits don't die.
Please forgive me and never ask why.
Just forgive me.

Forgive me for being dumped on the street,
It's not the way that anyone should meet!
Desperate, lonely and out of my mind;
Yet I forgive you and all of your kind.
Can you forgive you?

(This is a guest post ritten by my cat Charles Henry wot was a abandoned kitten and I did looks after him) 

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