Friday, 14 October 2016

Chasing Cats Is Important Work

Chasing cats is important work,
A vital role one must not shirk;
Although I love my own littel cat
His species name dus rime with RAT!

Wen you dus walkies down the street
Look under cars for feline feet,
Round the corners and behind the plants,
That's where you'll spy littel furry pants.

And wen your eyes dus spot the sight,
You knows your skills did get it rite!
But them cats dus likes to stop and stare,
So hold your nerve and stand rite there.

Cats can jump and scratch and bite,
Cats dussent do a gentlemanly fite!
Cats dus try to possess your mind,
Cats is norty, mean and not kind.

Timing is the key so time with care,
Cos cats can suddenly be not there.
But wen you is reddy release your brave
And learn them cats how to behave!

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