Saturday, 29 October 2016

Fings Wot Dus Annoy Me

Fings wot dus annoy me
Dus indeed annoy,
Like wen grandma takes away
My very favourite toy!
She puts it in the wash
And round and round it goes,
Making it all squash,
Ears, face and nose.

Fings wot dus annoy me
Is very annoying indeed, 
Like wen I goes on walkies,
Mum tugs upon my lead.
Sqwizzels, rabbits and rats,
I sniffs them all out there,
But she always pulls me back
And this just issent fair!

Fings wot dus annoy me
Dus sumtimes make me mad,
Like wen mum dus leave without me
Not finking that it's bad!
Then wen she dus comes back,
Knowing she shud have stayed in,
She says, "Who the heck did that?",
Ungrateful I've sorted out the bin!

Fings wot dus annoy me,
I also finks is rude,
Like wen mum dus sits in front of me
Eating all her food.
Although I have had mine,
I finks that she shud share,
This wud be most kind
And very very fair!

Fings wot dus annoy me,
Dus sumtimes make me bark,
Like dogs not on their leads
Bullying me in the park!
I always have to be wary
Wen others break the rules,
And I find it very scary
Cos their people is such fools!

All these fings dus annoy me and other fings too!

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