Friday, 19 December 2014

I Dussent Likes De Winter Mumfs!

I dussent likes de winter mumfs 
Cos dey is frozey cold!
I dussent likes to leave my bed,
But always I am told;
It's "get up Bert" and "go outside"
And lots of uvver nags,
But den ders times I can't decide,
Cos my tail dus little wags!

I dussent likes de bitey frost 
It stings my little paws!
But she dus fink dat she's de boss
So she dus make de laws!
But wot she can't get in her head
Wen she dus early rise,
Is I dus wants to stay in bed,
Cos mornings I despise!

I dussent likes de soggy rain
Tickling my eyes and snout!
I've told her dis again and again
But still she dus say, "OUT!"
Reluctantly I dus obey,
A command I can't avoid,
But sumtimes I wants to go away
And lives wiv dat Sian Lloyd.

(Sian Lloyd wuddent make me go out in de norty wevver. She wud make de wevver nice and warm and sunny for all de Border Terriers) 

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