Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Wen A Furpal Is Poorly And Sick

Wen a furpal is poorly and sick
Wiv wounds we cannot lick,
Hushed howls fill de air
And we is all der,
Wishing for a get well qwik!

In our hearts ders nuffin but lite,
And our tails swish left to rite,
To St. Francis we pray,
And dis we dus say;
Please make our furpal alright!

Wen a furpal is hurting in pain,
Paws togever we prays again.
Our healing touch
May not be much,
But furpals dus never complain.

In our hearts ders nuffin but care,
And we dussent understand despair,
Coz de way we dus cope
Is wiv trust and hope
Dat St Francis will always be der!

(Be strong little Bella) xxx

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