Sunday, 21 December 2014

Silly Hoomans Invented Silly Time!

Watches and calendars, diaries and clocks,
Hoomans made time and now it won't stop!
But all de time dey forever complain
And grumble and moan over again!

Shuddent have invented time den!

Dey say dey will just be a minit or two,
Wen dey dus go outs and be leaving you!
But wot dey don't know and dus not accept,
However long dey go is long to be left!

Dey shuddent do dat!

We is not stoopid and we is not fick,
Cos we won't be rooled by clocks dat tick!
Hoomans you must learn and learn it well,
Life can't be valued by wot de time dus tell.

For you an hour is not very long,
But hoomans you is so very rong!
And we can't conceive how you can measure
Dis life you believe to be such a treasure!

Compared to yours our lives is short,
But dat is just a hooman fort.
We finks you silly watching de clocks,
Being controlled by tickity tocks!

Pfft. Tickity tocks is stoopid!

Chewing a bone or going for a run,
Dats wot makes our lives such fun.
Having a play den having a snooze,
Wiv no time in our day, we've no time to lose!

So don't compare our lives to yours,
Ders hands on clocks but der issent paws!
And always remember your time won't forgive,
So do wot we do, we dus just live!

And we fink its better dat way! 

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