Tuesday, 4 November 2014

De Bestest Foods For A Terrier

De bestest foods for a Terrier
Not all de hoomans know.
First rool is more de merrier,
Secund, never do eats too slow!

De nommiest of all is dinner,
Speshully wiv gravy and meat,
By far it's de biggest winner
And weally goes down a treat.
But ders uvvers we finks is yum,
And sums we have to steal,
Like chocolate, cheese and minty gum,
Dey too makes a gorjus meal.
Den of corse ders grass and weeds,
And sumtimes socks and shoes,
But dey not de bestest feeds
Cos dey much harder to chew.

So de bestest fing you can get,
For dose speshull times alone,
Sumfing you'll never regret,
Is a Bronty-tyranny-sawrus bone! 

1 comment:

  1. Bert! Dat bwill pal! Dussmt be eetin no minty gum do pal! Iz fatal fur uz furs! Leev dat to umanz! We iz luv luv luvin yoo blog!