Saturday, 15 November 2014

Dear Saint Francis

Dear Saint Francis,

Wen you hear our little prayers
Dat we quietly howl to you up der
Cud you please have a gentle word
Wiv de uvver saints who haven't heard?
Cos hoomans have so many folk
Dat dey can pray to and evoke,
But we dus only haves one you
And even for a saint yous a lot to do.
Yet we dussent ever pray for very much,
A walk each day and a hooman touch,
Sum dinner and maybe a little bone,
And a place to sleep dat we can call home.

We ask dat furs and non furs alike,
Is given equality, dignity and rights.
But failing dat we simply plead,
For a little intercession for all furs in need.
So please Saint Francis if you don't mind,
We knows dat you is very kind,
Help dem hoomans do wots rite,
Dis we pray for every night. 


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