Sunday, 30 November 2014

I Want To Believe That I Will Live On

I want to believe that I will live on
Beyond the years ov my life,
But a wise old Chow Chow did telled me once,
That it's I who will cause her strife.
It is I who will cross the Rainbow Bridge
And enter the Happy Hunting Grownd,
And I will not live beyond her years,
One day, it is I who will not be around.

Sumtimes I look rite into her face
And into her haunted eyes,
And I see all the time and all the space
That's echoing her heartbroken cries,
And I dare not tell her wot I know,
For fear ov braking her heart,
But first it's I that's the one to go,
And I know that will tear her apart.

So I pray to St. Francis she's not aware
Ov the wisdom that I dus hold,
Don't let her know that I won't be there
Wen her time dus makes her old.
It is a fact we age before time,
But the time is wot hoomans made,
I forever will be in my prime,
I have nuffing to fear or evade!

So wen that time dus comes around,
St. Francis, please hold her paw,
Wen I'm settled in the Happy Hunting Grownd,
Let her know the 'Four Paw Lore':
The greatest love is love that goes on,
Not measured by time or space,
You must find more paws to love wen I'm gone,
Make me honoured to have given up my place! 

(This is ritten in remembrance ov a bootiful and wise very old Chow Chow called Mabel wot I loved and she told me lots ov fings and I dus miss her and her hoomans miss her and her sister Milly wot did go over the Rainbow Bridge before her. Chow Chows is very wise and dus learn you lots).

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