Saturday, 29 November 2014

Quick Little Terrier!

Quick little terrier
Crunch up de mat
Nuzzle open de curtains 
And sort out dat.
Scatter your toys
Here and there,
Splatter bits ov your bone
Just everywhere,
And run little terrier 
Circle de room,
Race tracks de carpet 
Zoomies norf, zoomies west,
Sowf and eest,
Zoomies is de best!

Quickly little terrier 
Crunkle up de bed,
Chews up de paper
Deys not yet red,
And gallop little terrier, 
Tuck up your tail,
Back paws to your chin
Go catch de mail,
Den drink little terrier 
And dig up your bowl,
Wen de worter has gone
Just dig a hole!

Contents ov handbags 
Dey shud be shared
So enforce dis little terrier 
Don't be scared!
But you must do all dis
Wen de key is in de door,
Den you can pretend 
Dey is not all dat you dus lives for!
Don't let dem finks
Or gets in der head
Wen dey left for work dis morning 
Dat you just sulked in your bed!

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