Monday, 3 November 2014


Wandering across de meadow,
My luvely hooman and I.
She was watching birds
Flying in de sky.
I was niffing niffs
Wiv my niffer to de ground,
Wen suddenly I niffed it
And knew dey was around.


So I began to canter,
Den I did do running
And I shouted to dem wabbitz,
"Wabbitz, I is coming".
But my hooman pulled me back,
As silly hoomans do,
But having none of dat,
I shouted, "Wabbitz, I is coming to get you".

I will get you wabbitz!

I did more running and pulling
And den I did get free.
Dem wabbitz dus need culling
And dats de job for me!
My hooman ran behind,
Crying out my name,
She sed I'm not being kind
And I shud be ashamed! 

Pfft! Hoomans! 

So faster dan de speed of sound,
Wiv my hooman far away,
Der was wabbitz hopping all around
On dis der final day!
But den my hooman did appear,
Wiv a huff and wiv a puff,
And she sed, "Oi, get you here".
And grizzled, "Enuff, dats enuff".

But one day I will get dem wabbitz! 

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