Sunday, 2 November 2014

Wen Der Duz Be Sqizzels On Your Land

Wen der duz be sqizzels on your land
You weally havs to take dis in hand.
Trotting and hopping and leaping about,
Yous got to get doze sqizzels out!
Your sponsibility iz ups to you,
But dis I will tells you wot to do!
You habs first to niff and niff so strong,
Don’t let dose hoomans says yous rong,
Pulls on dat lead, but mind your neck,
Keeps on pulling doe, wot de heck!
Nebba lose dat niff, ooh dat niff,
Nebba ebba be left finking ‘oh wot if’.
So always be sighting wiv niffer to de gwound,
Turn on def ears against de hoomans sound!
Member dey iz daft, dey got no snout.
Dey knows nuffin wot we iz about!
Keep up wiv dat niff, coz sumfings on your land,
Member little terrier, sqizzels is banned!
Wen yous got your sent its time to act
And wen sqizzel iz in site it iz a fact,
Yous got to pull and pull and run,
Keep pulling little terrier until it is dun!
If de hooman falls over dat is sad,
But member little terrier, sqizzels is bad!
So nows you iz free keeps up de pace,
Stop for a tiddle and penny de place.
Den rise up little terrier, pwowd and tall
Catch dem sqizzels one and all!
Den wen de sqizzel duz looks at you,
Oh, bover, I don’t weally no wot next to do!



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