Saturday, 8 November 2014

Hoomans Wen You Lay Your Wreaths

Hoomans wen you lay your wreaths,
Remember four legged friends,
Cos we dus also feels greefs,
And wish that wars wud end!
And in the trenches where men fell,
Animals too did fight,
They also suffered horrid hell,
Each and every night!

We dus not have the chance to say,
Wen you dus lay your wreaths,
But we remember them today,
And how death was their relief!
Those four legged friends did bravely charge,
Yet they never made that choice.
Their loyalty then will be as ours,
And we will be their voice!

Hoomans wen you play last post,
Please play it once again,
So withs respect we can play host,
For paws and hoofs in pain.
Wen yous all now laying wreaths,
Hear howling in the air,
We cries and barks in our greefs,
Fur pals that is not there!

And wen you dus do lower flags,
Half mast our tails do fall,
As we dus silent tail unwags,
Remembering them all.
You dussent hear the lonely cries,
The howls of those thats gone,
In the land where they all lies,
Dear animals of the Somme!

But forever we will heed the call,
Each year our tails will sink,
Remembering hoofs, paws and all,
And always pausing to think.
Respecting pals thats still at war,
Wots sniffing out the bombs,
These are wot today howls for,
And our cries will forever go on!

We will remember them!


  1. Thank you Bert,that was so moving.x

  2. Brill...can i use in my remembrence day assembly nxt wk???? xx

  3. Dear Anonymous, of corse you can xxxx

  4. Oh Bert, what a clever boy!!