Monday, 3 November 2014

Wot My Mummy Dog Told Me

Wen I was a pup there came that day
Wen my mummy dog sat me down.
She sed that soon I must go away,
And that she wud not be around.
Looking into my eyes
She did declare,
My own big day had come,
And I wud go in the world out there
To live with my new mum!

And wen that lady did walk in,
Straight way she fell on her knees.
She looked at me with a huge big grin,
And sed, "I'll take that little boy if you please?".

My mummy dog did wags her tail
And as she turned to me,
She sed, "Little pup you will not fail
If you take heed of hows to be.
Stay clean little pup and do your mess
Outside and not on the floor.
Cos you see little pup they dus get stress
And you don't want to cause anymore!

Be patient little pup, they do be slow,
So don't teach them too fast,
And remember little pup whenever they go
I promise they dus come back!
Play little pup but do play fair,
And never ever growl,
Speshully if they got little ones there
Cos they dus tend to howl.

Be brave little pup be brave and kind
And remember your place in the pack,
Having sed that little pup the hooman mind
Is very very easy to trap!
So love little pup with all your heart
Cos they will loves you back,
But try nots to chew the house apart
Cos they don't very much like that!

I loves you little pup but now you must go
So please just don't look back.
I likes the look of your hooman you know
And I finks you will keep her on track.
So goodbye little pup, put on your lead
And wears your collar with pride.
Live long little pup cos your hooman
Needs you forever and ever at her side!"

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