Sunday, 2 November 2014

De Call Ov De Border Terrier ( In honour of Toby)

From over de hills and yonder dales,
We directs de wind wiv waggin tails.
For if one is lost, we is all alone,
Howling and yowling till our pal comes home!
And barking and yarking far and wide,
Miles apart, yet side by side!
We is not vicious, but we is tuff,
And wen a pal is missin you’ll hear us wuff!
We Border Terriers is a gentle breed
But if we is stolen, feeves take heed!
De power of de pen in are people’s paws,
We does make the BT laws!
We little but tenacious furs
And helped by our hims and hers,
We can read and we can wite,
Dats the telligent way we fite!
And wen uvvas is lost we answer de call,
Paw in paw, one and all!
We is never mean, we is not bossy,
But do beware, don’t ever upset de BT Posse!

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