Saturday, 15 November 2014

Wen You Dus Goes On Your Walks

Wen you dus goes on your walks
You hopes dey never ends,
And wen de hoomans stop to talks,
Dats wen you makes your frends.
You must remember not to wuff
And not to yip or yap,
Remember dat we is not ruff,
In fact wees far from dat!

So wen de hoomans be a bore,
We must pals up and team,
Ders sqizzels to be looking for
And wabbitz to be seen!
Ders niffs and lots of niffs around
And niffs dat can be shared,
Ders lovely niffs all over de ground,
Ders niffs just everywhere!

Dem hoomans always stand and chat,
And mostly dey tork rot,
But never mind about all dat,
Deys just a funny lot!
Wiv your frends you've got to play
And niffs and wags and run,
Cos den dey'll come anuvver day,
Wen you'll meets again for fun! 

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