Sunday, 2 November 2014

Pidgins Is Weally Stoopid!

I'm a well travelled little chap,
Dat carnt be denied,
But everywhere I've ever beed,
De pidgins never flied!

I have such useful little legs
Dat walk and run and trot,
De pidgins have der fevvery wings
But don't use dem a lot!

In all de towns where I have walked
Ders pidgins everywhere!
And dey duz weally noying me,
And dis just isn't fair!

Aldoe I am a terrier,
My manners dey is gud.
But stoopid pidgins in my way,
I'd chase dem if I cud!

My mowf dus sumtimes open
As if to bitey chew,
But I just want dem pidgins
To shoo, pidgins shoo!

Pidgins shud stop being stoopid,
And be likes uvva birds,
Stop doing silly nodding walks,
Dey weally is absurd!

So wen I next dus walks in town,
I finks dat I just mite,
On seeing a stoopid pidgin
Gives it a little bite! 

Dus you fink pidgins are stoopid? 

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